Talent Finder® for more facilities and better employees…

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PRESS RELEASE 04-05-2016 (SECTION: HR / JOB / LIFE SCIENCE) “Talent Finder® for more facilities and better employees”

Innovation Support A/S is a Danish owned recruitment company offering: employees, consultants, senior managers, interim managers, researchers, temporary workers, recent graduates and seniors and some of them are never looking for a job.

Talent Finder® interaction has 25,000 permanent employees in 75 countries around 300,000 candidates including about 4,600 Danish. Here, you can save time and money on all Danish and foreign employees, consultants, re-assignments and HR services.

The specialist in Life Science Recruiting

We specialize in the Life Science industry. The best candidates are often only available through Talent Finder®. The level of quality is ensured by your requirements, industry knowledge, HR video, interviews and psychological profiling.

Talent Finder® partners includes: Altran since 1982 (No. 1) Allegis since 1983 (No. 2), DHR since 1980 (No. 4), (Michael) Page Group since 1976 (No. 5), RGF since 1960 ( no. 6), USG People since 1997 (no. 9) and others

References are: Novartis, Pfizer, Amgen, Merck, Roche, GSK, Novo Nordisk, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, CVS, Lilly, Siemens, PWC Danone, Carlsberg, Shell, Statoil, Ramboll, BASF, Maersk, IBM, HP, Apple Nokia, Microsoft, SAP, E & Y and Deloitte.

25 years of experience and exclusive unique products:

  • TALENT FINDER® Danish and foreign graduates as consultants or employees
  • CONSULTANTS can start today, including scientists, PhDs, engineers, pharmacists and IT experts
  • VERIO® PHARMACEUTICAL DOCUMENTATION TEAM frees important time for project work
  • VERIO® MACHINE SAFETY directives for machines including CE, EMC, ATEX, DER, EHS, APV, Environment and ISO / IEC / EN415
  • MATCH CARE INTERNATIONAL unique system for the supply of graduates who are not otherwise jobseekers
  • JUNIOR CARE university alumnus cooperation in 62 countries for 1-3 years experienced and dimentanter
  • SENIOR CARE 60+ for experienced candidates, consultants, interim managers, managers and temporary workers
  • OUTPLACEMENT 90% lønforsikring when needed to reduce staff / costs
  • ROUND TABLE solution for rapid knowledge approach, bottlenecks, smaller tasks and projects
  • HR SUPPORT for Life Science Certified, HR Video HR Psychology, HR Software, HR Training and HR certifications

See more about recruitment and our head hunter services and read the latest news:

For more information or a meeting, contact Michael Rasmussen and Lars Thougaard phone: +45 31951111 local 240th





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