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Please enter your name, contact information and, if available, your CV or resume. Your personal data such as name, phone and address will be retained for internal use only, until you agree to release it to a potential new employer. For more information click on Privacy and Cookie Policy in the small window below.

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The Talent Finder® network and VERIO® has around 25.000 employees and represents 300.000 candidates from 75 countries within 300 offices around the world.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes, you can and will be 100% anonymous in the public Talent Finder® database. You can safely enter your qualifications and job goals without any risk to your current job. That complies with all our divisions.

CV requirements

We recommend a photo as 98% of CVs will be discarded without. It is not essential to have a perfect written CV or resume. The Talent Finder® database will organize the information in your documents and transform it into searchable information for the hiring companies. If you become a selected candidate, we will support the preparation of your CV. You can also use our generic CV in Word, Google, and Libre format.

The job recruitment process

When a client shows interest, we will ask you if you want to proceed.  If you agree, we will support the preparation of your CV.  If the company selects you as a candidate, they will normally ask you for a meeting or a teleconference.

One of our consultants will assist you through the entire recruitment process.

YES, please include me in Talent Finder®

always 100% FREE for candidates as we are paid by the employees.

Please press the ANONYMOUSLY  entry if you want to create an anonymously generic CV.

Data will be made generic so your age, name and working places will not be displayed for the third party.

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,odf,pdf,txt,rtf,xml,page,jpg,png,tiff.
Maximum file size: 100mb.

Please send ONLY PDF, WORD or ODF (Open Office/Libre). No Bitmaps, as we are not gonna retype your CV for you.