Local and international recruitment provides global benefits with TALENT FINDER® and VERIO®

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The Danish Life Science industry often reports sold out on skilled labour.

That is why it is crucial with innovative thinking and focus in order to achieve better recruitment results.

Denmark’s most important resource is not the oil in the North Sea.

It is our ability to innovate from Danish and International staff who provide the best competitiveness globally. Because:

  • Corporate employees should do what most needed and what they are good at
  • The expertise that companies are missing must be found urgent
  • The companies must have flexible resources that can adapt to the changing in needs

How do we do that? The talents and experts to be placed faster and more accurately in enterprises through better matching processes. Optimization of work tasks in business teams are important to free key employees’ time and expertise.

The combination of recruitment, HRM (Human Resource Management) with Video and IT tools has never been more urgent for the full utilisation of the workforce and to provide the necessary flexibility.

But synergy requires industry knowledge and real innovation. Innovation Support A/S comes with brand new recruitment tools that solve industry challenges with 30 years of experience.

Innovation Support A/S solves the industry’s challenges… with a team of experienced people within Life Science and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY integration. The focus is on faster match of candidates, intelligent resource mix and VERIO® dynamic teams. This increases business growth, escalating product development and maintaining knowledge base.

MSc and Director Lars Thougaard commented:  -“After working 30 years with projects for leading international companies with optimization of processes at suppliers, product development, process quality and documentation, it is my experience that recruitment follows an old-fashioned process which needs significant rethinking.”

The business can increase the revenue by tens of billions. Lars Thougaard believes that the industry can increase revenues with tens of billions by simply recruit better and expect that it is the smartest enterprises that joining first.

Lars Thougaard continues: ”Innovation Support A/S provides intelligent resource tools, documentation management systems and HR software that frees the essential employee’s time from the documentation work that largely characterizes the Life Science industry today. This alone can save the industry for tens of billions annually” said M.Sc. and director Lars Thougaard.

  • Talent Finder® offers permanent staff, consultants, managers, temporary workers and recent graduates
  • Talent Finder® the network is in 75 countries with 25,000 employees and approx. 300,000 candidates
  • VERIO® Documentation Teams frees important time for e.g. pharmaceutical project work
  • VERIO® MACHINE SAFETY is Fast Track approvals for CE, EMC, ATEX, DER, EHS, APV, ISO/IEC/EN415, Environmental and other directives.

With Talent Finder® can the companies gain access to many qualified candidates and consultants.

VERIO® Documentation Teams frees up important time, for example, engineers and pharmacists to project work while documentation quality improvement.

VERIO® MACHINE SAFETY is our standard product for Agile Approvals mainly for production lines according to directives of CE, EMC, ATEX, DER, EHS, APV, and also any  ISO/IEC/EN norms.

“We have to view recruitment from a different and more contemporary perspective. We live in a digital age, where the individual is important and we are online anytime and anywhere. The world has become faster and resumes will soon be completely replaced by digital candidate profiles, where accessibility and anonymity must be handled at the same time” believes Director Lars Thougaard.

For additional comments and information please contact:
Lars Thougaard by phone: +45 31951111 or email: lars.thougaard@innovationsupport.dk

Photo: Photo in quoted lines, shows Engineer, MSc from Danish Technical University, Director Lars Thougaard, 50 years.

Lars Thougaard