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The Talent Finder® database contains the professional profiles of all our job candidates, available either locally or globally, full time, part-time or freelance. The use of Talent Finder® is free of charge for all registered Medical-, Biotech- or Pharmaceutical Enterprises and all job applicants.

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The recruiting process

The database content span from local talent to entire international resource teams, ready to dedicate their services and expertise to your Life Science idea or project. Talent Finder® is designed for instant matches between highly qualified candidates and the needs of the Life Science industry. Our experts are mainly specialized within:

  • Research
  • Product safety
  • Regulatory
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Recruitment Process

Our consultants have been setting quality standards for components, designed and implemented document structure and improved quality systems and change request structure. We have 25 years of experience in supporting the market leaders of the Life Science industry.

Innovation Support A/S takes a holistic approach when creating systems and platforms with a long term horizon bringing your ideas with you into the future. We support our consultants to secure the best process for you with systematic documentation, testing and validation.

This gives your product the best time-to-market and life cycle management. Innovation Support A/S pave the way for your next generation of products. You care about users and patients; we care about your other needs and fill in the gaps.

The best candidates are available via Talent Finder® as they are secured anonymity.


Additionally, we provide HR, Recruiting and Management services

  • ROUND TABLE NETWORK with some of the worlds foremost experts. Our newest Crowd Technology facilitates instant reviews and brainstorming of your ideas or project challenges. Imagine meeting with 10 engineers to solve specific problems on your intranet or 10 engineers consultants from all around the world. All problems are quickly solved.
  • Documentation workforce allowing full or partial replacement of your documentation team with the best experts in the business. Imagine how much that saves. The workforce is only active when life-cycle changes are needed in your product portfolio.
  • Patent Workforce gives you the ability to create patents and design protection and trademarks without having any legal power attorneys in-house all year around. This is possible through a collaboration with www.advokatselskabet.dk and MAQS – the biggest Attorney company in Northern Europe.
  • IT Management, implementation of IT Services such as Rent-a-CTO, Rent-a-expert within security, development, innovation,
  • HR Management with support for any HR Department and the world’s leading HR software.

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