10 reasons to use Talent Finder®

There are many reasons to consult the Talent Finder® Cooperation. With 25,000 employees and more than 300,000 candidates from 300 offices in 75 countries, we are a Life Science Recruiting and Consulting firm providing better candidates faster. Nearly all recruiting demands can be solved by using Talent Finder®.

1. Talent Finder® – an important way of finding the best talent by

The multiple ways of finding candidates are in need of new technology such as Talent Finder® to handle the complexity. Furthermore, many talents are only available as consultants and only available via Talent Finder®. Talent Finder® helps in making hidden talent search-able for your company. With 25,000 employees and more than 300,000 candidates from 300 offices in 75 countries, we are in the best position for providing candidates faster.

2. Talent Finder® is an extended network

Talent Finder® has more candidates listed than regular recruiting companies as our candidates are provided with 100% anonymity along with being actively job seekers. Talent Finder® is reaching out to universities, new and old candidates within Alumni Networks, Unions, RoundTable networks and major recruiting and head-hunting companies in the world.

3. Talent Finder® has profound knowledge of the market

Talent Finder® knows its specialists well and can offer your recruiting team, valuable candidates. We know how to reach out to these candidates, their expected compensation, job expectations and other hiring complexities. Ascertain expertise are drained from the market, – Talentfinder® will search-and suggests alternative solutions. Talent Finder® acts as your partner – extending your eyes and ears in the market.

4. Your benefits from collaborating with Talent Finder®

Talent acquisition ranks high on the corporate agenda, hence, a close collaborative approach between your in-house team and Talent Finder® can provide you with valuable talents before they are outplaced somewhere else. The best in-house recruitment teams benefit from working with our specialist Talent Finder® teams. Our teams help to find and managing the candidates for you. It is called Match Care. We can make a passive candidate showing up for an interview as our screening process is taking place in a relaxed environment in which the candidate feels our support.

5. Our candidates have valuable working experience

Our experts and talents are most likely equipped with past- and present experience from your company or similar companies, giving them a competitive edge compared to applicants in general.

6. Talent Finder® provides newly graduated candidates

Our team exclusively selects graduates. Furthermore, we support and educate our graduates during the first period of the job. This results in a smooth introduction to their new functions as a resource for our clients’ projects.

7. Talent Finder® provides candidates – not applicants

Why attract applicants, when you can get attractive and valuable candidates? Many perfectly matched candidates are hard to find. They are not interested, not actively seeking jobs or they may be too busy to apply for a new position. At times, they do not even see themselves as an attractive talent and they feel stressed in contacting companies directly because the conversation is not perceived to be on an even level. Talentfinder® finds these hidden candidates and provide facilitates contact between them and your business. A win-win situation.

8. Talent Finder® boosts your employer branding

Large companies invest much time and money in developing and marketing their employer brand, whereas many smaller businesses do not have the same resources. Whether you are a large organisation or small business, Talent Finder® will recommend your company to valuable candidates which leads to better candidates for your projects or positions. In the end, this will boost your employer branding significantly.

9. Talent Finder® provides access to key strategic skills

Talent Finder® provides you with short-term or long term access to the key strategic skills you need. During talent scarcity, even a short-term contract is better than no contract. The availability of short notice talents is highly used by Talent Finder®’s clients in that it provides flexibility when challenges or new topics interfere with their project plans.

10. Talent Finder® extends your budget and resources

When using Talent Finder® you will find that your budget is lasting longer and that the resources are achieving more. Talent Finder® selects the resources for you that matches your tasks and we combine the candidates’ skills to provide better progress within the teams.

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