Quality Lifecycle Management

Talentfinder® Headhunting Recruiting

Talent Finder® Headhunting is part of Talent Finder®, an international collaboration of experienced search agencies. We are 650 Headhunters who work for you and your goals and we all work with the HighPerform measurement, which means that each candidate is measured on previous and ongoing results. As a HighPerform Headhunter organization, we work internationally with […]

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What Nokia learned from Novo Nordisk

From the overdose to the smart phone Few Dane know that the glass we touch several times a day actually have relationships to Novo Nordisk. How comes? We’re talking about smart phones and our contact with the outside world through our fingertips on a touch screen. In the end 80s Novo Nordisk decided to do

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Lavspændingsdirektivet 2016 (ikrafttrædelse er 20.04.2016)

Lavspændingsdirektivet 2016 Hvis der afviges fra standarder i en elektrisk installation eller et elektrisk anlæg, skal opfyldelse af sikkerhedskravet dokumenteres. Jævnfør elsikkerhedsloven skal elektriske anlæg og elektriske installationer være udført og drives, så de ikke frembyder fare for personer, husdyr eller ejendom. Sikkerhedskravet anses for opfyldt, hvis de fastsatte regler og de standarder, som reglerne

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Quality Lifecycle Management – Product Lifecycle Management – PLM

Have you thought of automating the generation of your PFMEA, DFMEA and control plans to save time and money? Thereby helping the ongoing process of keeping your portfolio in compliance with internal and authorities’ requirements. Over the years lifecycle management/product maintenance has taken more and more time from the academic work force in the pharmaceutical

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