Talentfinder® Headhunting Recruiting

Talent Finder® Headhunting is part of Talent Finder®, an international collaboration of experienced search agencies. We are 650 Headhunters who work for you and your goals and we all work with the HighPerform measurement, which means that each candidate is measured on previous and ongoing results.

As a HighPerform Headhunter organization, we work internationally with recruitment and headhunting. We use innovative methods with software for measuring the effectiveness and documentation of performance targets.

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After all, it’s the results that count when you hire CxO, project managers and specialists. Therefore you get from us the following;

  1. psychological test results with clearing with previous jobs relative to results and high performer performance results based on the goals you have set
  2. ongoing supervision and follow-up of performance targets for both the employee and your HR department
  3. all network members including foreign specialists, managers, and advocates who can bring your business vital new innovation and new products
  4. hard-to-find special development engineers, Ph.D.’s, pharmacists, elite research competencies and general Ph.D. with experience
  5. we have a special group of team leaders (with potentials to be in a leader group) from whom we can pick exciting profiles for your organization
  6. you can complement VERIO® engineers and pharmacists, all of whom have extensive experience with ISO certifications and drug approvals from, among others, FDA and EMA.
  7. the experience from Innovation Support A/S, TalentFinder® and VERIO® gives you the best cards on hand
  8. junior teams of newly educated and senior Yellow Gold teams as consultants or permanent employees
  9. fixed price and no cure no pay
  10. we are solely focused on finding the candidates who can contribute to the company’s development and results. Therefore, all our processes are tailored to identify and assess High Performers.

Our business areas in Denmark are solely within the Life Science industry, including:

  1. Medical & Pharmaceutical companies
  2. Energy sector including OIL, BIOTECH, SOLAR & WIND
  3. Food producers and beverage industry

The Head Hunter High Perform leaders we find for you are typical:

  • Interim leaders in the IT sector (CTO), Life Science & Energy
  • CxO and Presidents
  • Research & Development Directors and Managers
  • Board members
  • Life Science IT Directors and Managers
  • Middle managers and Project Managers
  • HR directors & leaders for rent or permanent employment
  • Attorneys, Lawyers and Patent Patents, Design Patents and User Model Protection

We can handle all the technical and legal aspects including trial contracts according to your wishes, with NO CURE NO PAY from us. One of the leading EXIT options is built into our trial periods that can surrender to your own contracts.

We have access to 156,000 experienced IT professionals, with many different technical skills and expertise. Our IT specialists are Denmark’s leader in IT security, hosting center operations and APP development and settlement management within Change Management.

Fully experienced leaders of the Life Science industry

TalentFinder® and VERIO® collaboration consist of 300,000 graduate candidates from 75 countries with a CV and termination period of 1-6 months.

Of the 300,000 candidates, there are approx. 30,000 ready for leadership and management jobs, approx. 10,000 at the CxO level. That is why you almost can’t find good leaders who are unemployed.

Contact us today for more information and try headhunting on +45 31951111 local 288. If you are a leader you will know us for sure ;-)