Time consuming activities

When the working day get too busy for you to reflect upon time consuming activities, it is time to get a time/activity analysis.

  • Pharmaceutical companies have a tendency to oversee the places where resources can be used better and more accurate, hence, many working processes are in circular instead of directed at the end goal.
  • We call it team work but is it team work?

Documents and decisions can circulate around in the team and meetings are held to get input from every participant. This is highly inefficient.

It is better to delegate tasks to small sized sub teams. Small teams work fast and dedicated to reach a given goal, whereas large teams tend to loose focus – as many tasks are prioritized at the same time.

Another common mistake is to work as one person, because one person cannot discuss most progress coming from informal discussion.

Innovation Support A/S will always secure that tasks are carried out by minimum two persons; either two of our experts or one expert and one person from the client.

Or you can solve problems via our VERIO Pharma Teams or Engineering ROUND TABLE… The choice is now yours.