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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Talent Finder® our international recruitment and headhunter cooperation has 300,000 candidates and 25,000 employees in 300 offices in 75 countries. We cover the need for employees, consultants, executive leaders, outplacement and temporary workers. TalentFinder® is an office under the Engineering company Innovation Support A/S which has more than 25 years of experience. Talent Finder® can offer almost any type of JOBS from Au-Pair/Nanny to PH.D’s.

We do have expertise and headhunting of experienced hard-to-find employees, PhD’s, research scientists, Pharmacists and Engineers which includes seniors and newly graduates both national and international. Also, we do supply employees for hotels, restaurants, cafes, and canteens around the world.



25 years of recruiting experience give us the ability to offer:

  • TALENT FINDER® with >300.000 ready candidates from our international network
  • TALENT FINDER® are making jobs such as AU-PAIR and NANNY jobs for our employees
  • TALENT FINDER® are supporting the Hotel & Restaurant for jobs like in restaurants, cafes, canteens, and homes
  • TALENT FINDER® MATCH CARE for the none job seeking experts, which can be available within 1-3 months
  • TALENT FINDER® VERIO® PHARMACEUTICAL TEAMS & INFORMATION CARE shortens time-to-market with measurable efficiency in any pharmaceutical documentation, regulatory approvals, and revisions
  • TALENT FINDER® CONSULTANTS, which can start today, including Ph.D.’s, Engineers, Pharmacists, and IT experts
  • TALENT FINDER® OUTPLACEMENT for re-employment when departments or companies need to cut costs and wish to give a 90% salary insurance in the new position
  • TALENT FINDER® ROUNDTABLE a CROWD solution for bottlenecks, smaller tasks, and projects
  • TALENT FINDER® JUNIOR CARE University Alumni cooperation in 62 countries including candidate tracking
  • TALENT FINDER® SENIOR CARE for senior leadership and senior employees and consultants

The best references and partners in recruiting

Talent Finder® is a cooperation of partners who have done recruitment since 1981. Talent Finder® partners include the world’s leading recruitment agencies such as RGF (Recruit Rank No. 1 / Est. 1960). DHR (No. 4 / Est. 1980), Michael Page Group (No. 5 / Est. 1976), USG People (No.9/Est. 1997 ) and Alleges (No. 2 / Est. 1983). Positions on the listings may vary from year to year. Talent Finder® provides access to both Danish and international employees. Talent Finder® references are: Novartis, Pfizer, Amgen, Merck, Roche, Novo Nordisk, Johnsson & Johnsson, Philips, GSK, CVS, Lilly, Siemens, Ramboell, Maersk, Danone, Nordea, Shell, Daimler, Amazon, Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, eBay, Carlsberg, BASF, SAP, Samsung, Sony, PWC, E&Y and Deloitte. As a candidate you receive several free advantages: pre-training, shorter recruitment process, a greater chance to be assigned, an anonymous profile without your name and image (you can anonymously search new jobs while you are employed elsewhere), and you get coaching and help in your career. Some of the best jobs are only available via Talent Finder®, thus, it may be valuable for you to be listed at the Talent Finder® with your CV. Innovation Support A/S has been advising within many areas and helped industry leaders with technological solutions, design, engineering, quality assurance, supply, product development, and risk assessment. We have been making patents and installed many IT Security systems in order to protect legally and by the best breed security available. To protect any business we even hire CrowdSourcing hackers and we pay for any security breach found.



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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Lars T-Recruiting-HR-Management-Headhunting-HeadhunterLars Thougaard, MSc., Executive Officer Lars is one of the two founding Executive Directors, an international entrepreneur with responsibility for engineering and consulting projects for the top 10 global market leaders.

He has extended knowledge in technologies, new product introduction, manufacturing processes, quality improvement, and supply chain management. Lars knows how to set up teams and match people’s skills.

Lars also maintains important functions in project assessment, quality, and risk management and he has more than 25 years of experience in his fields.

Michael V R-Rekruttering -Vikariater-Varemærke-TrademarkMichael Rasmussen Valiantin, Executive Officer, President  Michael is one of the two founding Executive Directors.

He is a trusted facility provider for the Life Science industry and a trusted consultant with many of the TOP 100 brands in the world.

He is providing security systems for Juridical & IP Departments, patents, design, outsourcing, team sourcing, and the ISO- and Regulatory areas.

He has 25 years of experience from the top international companies in the EU, Asia, and the USA. He provides software and psychology tools for extensive psychological client screening executive search, recruiting and consultants for the Life Science industry.

CE Marking - APEX - Machine Safety - Electrical EngineeringBjorrn Kroyer, Senior Electrical Engineering – ATEX and CE Marking Bjorrn holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. He has 25 years of experience in Machine Safety and Electrical Engineering from the manufacturing industry including pharmaceutical production. Bjorrn is also one of the few people having participation in setting the new standard for machine safety and taught both juniors at university and professional at their companies. Bjorrn is a leading machine safety expert, having a proven record in his field with the publication of CE Marking for Machines and Process Plants. Bjorrn is a member of Innovation Support A/S Round Table for Standards and Compliances.

Finn Mortensen, Senior Project Leader Finn-Produktion-Site Manager-Contract Manufacture Organisation Finn holds an M.Sc. Pharm. He has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry within manufacturing, formulation, and quality.

Finn is also one of the few people having extended knowledge in dealing with contract manufacturing/CMO. A leader, having a proven record as director/manager of technology service teams and solid experience from leading production on a daily basis.

Finn’s contribution to manufacturing technologies has facilitated well-known international companies for further profit.

Maria (Liwei) Han, MSc & Ph.D. in Drug DesignMaria-PhD-Researcher-Foreigners- Union-Foreninger-Organisationer Maria holds a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and an M.Sc. in Molecular Biology. She has worked and studied Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biological Sciences in 4 countries (Denmark, Sweden, USA, and China).

She did her Ph.D. at The University of Copenhagen (including six 6 months of research at Yale University). Maria’s work has resulted in several publications over the years.

She has solid experience in problem-solving and overcoming various challenges. She speaks English, Danish, and Chinese.

Ada-Kvalitet-Quality-Audit-System Ada LagerstedPh.D., QA Systems & Product Management She is a strong QA mind in our team. Ph.D. in Theoretical Drug Design and M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ada takes a problem-solving approach when leading quality teams, and she does so with a “YES-it- can-be-solved” smile. With more than 25 years’ of experience in pharma, Ada is a master of all quality aspects including the expertise of being authorized as QP (Qualified Person).

You will experience her incredible strength in getting things on track, be it cleaning up in existing systems or setting up new quality systems in start-ups and getting your high-quality products on marked on time. Ada is doing audits, guiding CEO’s, communicating with customers, training quality teams and setting new standards in the organizations.

She is one of the most experienced in production and is a former Production Director and VP. The clients admire her skills in guiding her teams. Ada is passionate about QA challenges, ethics and niche business development in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Project-and-Validation-Engineer -Validerings-Ingeniør Michael Vihlmann JensenProject and Validation Management Michael holds a B.Sc. of Mechanical Engineering with a technical and commercial experience from the pharmaceutical, process and shipbuilding industry. Through all his employment, Michael has been working with project execution, technical assignments, compliance, preparation and management of technical documentation.

Michael is focusing on safety, quality, and details to ensure that the product design and manufacturing processes correspond to the market demands and requirements, and are in compliance with international and national regulations.

Main qualifications are the experience for various industries about technical specifications and authority requirements. Today his focus is concentrated on the pharmaceutical industry to maintain a fast, exact and easy documentation and validation.

Helle KristensenMember of the board, MSc. Pharm Helle-Farmaceut-Rekruttering-Regulatory Helle Kristensen is an elected member of the board due to her high pharmaceutical knowledge and open mindset.

She holds a Master of Science in Pharmacy from The University of Copenhagen and has a Category C Level in Lab Animal Science. Helle has experience in a wide range of markets and processes in an international environment through handling pharmaceutical CMC and labeling variation submissions.

Among her markets are Europe, the US, Middle East, Maghreb, and Asia as well as expanding market access via MAA´s in Latin America. Helle is an active networker with a proven record of cultural awareness from traveling, living and working abroad.

Her positive approach to clients and colleagues combined with her pharmaceutical knowledge benefits her responsibility for all stages of the hiring process.

Ruja Poreddy, Ph.D., Process Support Engineer Ruja holds a Master of Science in Structural Chemistry and Spectroscopy from Process Purification EngineringGermany and Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark – DTU.

Raju has a background as a chemical engineer with a focus on production processes and leadership. He has several years of practice with GMP during his industrial and research experience. As a process engineer he adding valuable knowledge within production, process/product analysis, development, equipment optimizations, and validations.

Raju has a practical approach, strong analytical skills which he combines with scientific knowledge and communication among his colleagues and teams. He dealing with both short- and long-term processes and quality topics during purifying of larger molecules such as insulin.

Niels Orskov, B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering Niels-Konsulent-Projektleder-PTA-Plastik-Støbeform Niels holds a B.Sc. of Mechanical Engineering in plastics from Danish Technical University.

He has 30+ years of experience in technology and sourcing in an international environment. Furthermore, he has 5+ years of specific experience in plastic technologies within the Pharmaceutical industry, where he was working as an expert in adhesion and adhesive processes.

Niels has a proven record dealing with suppliers from his position as a Mechanical Sourcing Manager and later Technology Sourcing Manager. He benefits from having technical knowledge about processes and device development in a fast-changing industry.

Today his focus is concentrated on the pharmaceutical industry helping with a capacity increase in new and existing facilities.

Anne Tilling, Technical Writer, PATechnical Writer - Biocid EU Approvals Anne is a Project Secretary with a thorough knowledge of the languages and specialized in Biocide Registration, in addition, she has experience from the food industry and is certified in SAP.

As a former sales secretary, she is well versed in customer service, electronic order handling and contact with manufacturers.

Anne has experience as a correspondent in sales and marketing from a producer of freeze drying plant with the preparation of offers and technical specifications in English and German.

Peter-IT-Ekspert-Junior Care Peter KristensenMember of the Board, MSc. IT. Peter Kristensen is appointed IT Manager due to his extensive IT knowledge and open mindset.

Peter holds a Master of Computer Science from The University of Copenhagen. He provides the latest knowledge in his field and has experience with a wide range of IT technologies and processes.

Peter supports us in making new tools benefiting the industry. E.g Peter has worked with categorizing and comparing 3D brain images of Alzheimer patients.

His main interests and competencies are within AI, machine learning, data analysis, computer vision, image correction, recommender systems, and system development. Peter is a member of our IT Recruiting and Headhunting Team with contact to the Alumni Network from IT Universities.

Asger-Marketing-Food and Sweets Asger Holm Pedersen, MSc. in EBA Asger holds a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management and a Master of Science in Strategy, Organisation, and Leadership, with a minor in Economics, Psychology, and Neuroeconomics.

In addition, he brings solid professional experience from the FMCG industry to the table, revolving around sales operations, marketing, and customer relationship management.

He has a profound interest in human behavior as well as in analyzing internal, – and external corporate strategic matters. Asger places a high emphasis on improving internal corporate performance as well as the end user experience.

Karin-Video-Media-Blog-Blogging-Markedsføring-StrategiKarin Garde-Frandsen, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Karin has 15 years of professional marketing and communication experience. She merges public relations, advertising, brand management, and design to form cohesive marketing communications.

She manages all components of campaign development, implementation, and measurement and is able to make sure that all communications efforts.

Main areas include PR, marketing, visual and social media to ensure that these areas are working together in harmony. She has a strong focus on content and good storytelling to all media.

Her references are from the most well-known institutions and companies.

Anton Nyman, B.Sc. Food Science, Interim Project Leader Anton Nyman is our General Manager for the representation and handle of the candidates and international candidates. He is our Danish sales representative for Engineers and Pharmacists.

He is our coordinator in the international Talent Finder® community and our customers in the Life Science area in Denmark. Anton has experience in the production of drinking products, food science and is also one of our representatives in fairs and exhibitions.

As a Chief, Interim consultant and project leader, he is working with the development of food products. Also, he is experienced in the development of ingredients and additives in the food industry.

rekrutteringWilai Suamsiri, B.Sc Tourism & Travel Wilai is a sales manager for the Asian recruiting firm. She works in key areas such as IT, Pharmacists and Engineers.

She is also Head of Section within the selection and screening of all Thai candidates. She was born and raised in Thailand, where she was a trained B.Sc.

Wilai is now located in Denmark as a secretary in the validation of the EU Privacy regulation and Electricity Directives.

Tina Nyman Tina Nyman is a Senior Consultant for Production in the field of beverages and cosmetic products.

She is responsible for productions and government approvals and also has a special talent for innovation within the industry, for example, with the development of taste and texture as well as organic production and raw materials.

She has developed creams and trademarks in the spirit industry.

Senior-RekrutteringsFirmaer Lars Holde-Jensen, Senior Advisory Board member Lars is active in our division for Executive Search and Interim leader section. Customers know and appreciate Lars as a powerful communicator.

His ability to inspire, – and develop people has made him a pioneer in starting processes and finding new ways. His many years of experience combined with profound communication skills have made him a highly recognized teacher within the field of communication, sales and service.

He always places people in focus and has through his trusted and friendly approach achieved outstanding results. He is an excellent teacher with a great commitment and a good mood.

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