Mission Statement for the recruiting firm

Talent Finder® makes the world healthier

  • Facilitates a dynamic and innovative candidate market place
  • Placing the strong experts where they make an important difference
  • Grows talents by giving the individuals the right challenges
  • Bring time to market and project time consuming down by using VERIO® Pharmaceutical Documentation Teams

Talent Finder® works for all stakeholders in the industry

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufactures
  • Biotech companies and universities
  • Component and Contract Manufacturing Organisations
  • Consulting Companies & Design Houses
  • Individual Talents

Talent Finder® facilitates a market place for talent

  • By providing Talent Finder® databases for the industry
  • Finds the subject matter experts for important projects
  • Assists consultant organisations finding the right candidates for their clients
  • Brings interdisciplinary inspiration to the industry via Life Science Round Table, established by Innovation Support A/S

Life Science Kontorfællesskab Kontorlokaler til leje

Få dit eget nyistandsatte kontor ELLER eget skrivebord i kontorfællesskab på 2 domiciler i alt 14.000 M2 i 2730 Herlev med eget hæve/sænke skrivebord, arkivskab med adgang til møderum, lounge og frokostordning fra kun ...